How to understand intentions on kisses

How to understand intentions on kisses

Kiss — the sign of love. By means of it it is possible to show the feelings without words, to express emotions and to open desires. Each kiss contains a certain mental message which can be understood, if desired, to learn.

There are different types of kisses, and  each of them has a certain value. For example, the short and fast kiss on the lips can happen already on the first date. It designates that the man is interested in continuation of the relations, but  does not want to hurry and is configured to the long and serious novel. Sometimes such kiss can be interpreted as expression of gratitude for wonderful evening.

Romanticism of a kiss

The long romantic kiss is good both for young lovers, and for couples which together there are already a lot of years. The romantic kiss on the first date can be treated as manifestation of interest in the partner, and for couples whose relations last many years — as expression of love and attachment.

The so-called French kiss is manifestation of passion and readiness to pass to more close relations. And here the kiss in a cheek is more likely friendly. If it is about loving couple, then the kiss in a cheek can be as simple manifestation of politeness in the absence of serious intentions, and manifestation of shyness and uncertainty in reciprocal feeling.

Kiss on eyes sometimes call a kiss of an angel. It shows deep emotional connection of lovers, their tenderness and attachment to each other. By means of such kiss it is possible to wish kind morning or good night. Kiss on a nose, as well as kiss on eyes, it can be used by the settled couples long ago. It lightens the mood and helps to realize sincerity of feelings of darling. The kiss bluntly, as a rule, expresses only friendly feelings. If it happens at the very beginning of the relations, then    you should not count on their continuation, most likely. Unfortunately, it shows only cold and indifference. The completely different value has this kiss for the settled couples. Here it can serve as manifestation of attention and care.

Passion kiss

The kiss in an ear, on the contrary, is quite intimate and can be perceived as recognition in ardent passion. Even more intimate is kiss on a neck. It can be used only by those couples whose spiritual and physical proximity stood the test of time. This kiss can designate comfort of the relations and deep confidence that they will last long, and it is possible — and all further life. Certainly, it is not all types of kisses. And, of course, the presented values of each of them are not the ultimate truth. However certain conclusions, leaning on them, it is possible to make after all.

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