How to understand that at the child teeth are cut

How to understand that at the child teeth are cut

The teething period at kids – one of serious tests for most of parents as this process can bring to the kid a lot of unpleasant feelings. The task of adults is to distinguish in due time signs of emergence of milk teeth from symptoms of the beginning catarrhal disease.


1. At most of children the first teeth are cut through at the age of 5-7 months. However on different circumstances this schedule can be moved up for a month and more both in one, and in other party. Not always process of a teething takes place smoothly and without serious consequences. Often kids become uneasy and whimsical without the reasons seen on that.

2. One of the main (but not obligatory) symptoms of the beginning of eruption is plentiful salivation. Some children literally expire saliva which accumulates in an oral cavity and constantly flows outside. It can irritate the skin in corners of lips and on a chin, bringing to the child discomfort. In this case in due time delete surplus of liquid about faces and bodies, and grease the inflamed sites with the children's cream suitable for yours the baby.

3. Eruption process, as a rule, causes insuperable desire to gnaw and bite something firm in the child somehow to appease the naggers in the inflamed gums. Special teething toys teethers which can be got in pharmacy or shop of children's goods perfectly will be suitable for this purpose. There are models of teething toys supplied with cooling elements. Place such toy in the fridge for 20 minutes and give to the kid. The cool surface to facilitate unpleasant feelings of the child and will allow it to distract from gum pain.

4. Pediatricians are inclined to connect the intensive growth of milk teeth with night time of day. Therefore it becomes frequent a dream of the kid in this stage of development sensitive and faltering. The breast will help to calm the kid at night. Sucking will relieve mouth pain and will calm the child. For bottle-fed babies during this period dummies and special gels are relevant for eruption relief of symptoms.

5. Other signs of fast emergence of milk teeth are temperature increase of a body and frustration of a chair. These symptoms are quite widespread, but are not obligatory. The main task of parents is to differentiate temperature which accompanies eruption and temperature – reaction to the beginning of an infectious disease. At the slightest doubts surely consult with the children's doctor.

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