How to understand that childbirth began

How to understand that childbirth began

Childbirth represents physical process which comes to the end with appearance of the kid on light. Nine months of expectation come to an end, and most of future mothers concerns directly the moment of the beginning of patrimonial activity. But you should not worry. There are several signs on which it is possible to understand that it is time to be going to maternity hospital for a meeting with long-awaited fumes.

As a rule, the most right symptom testifying about beginning process of a rodorazresheniye, is the otkhozhdeniye of a mucous stopper which can be colourless or slightly brownish shade. It should be noted that if waters have green color and the more so an unpleasant smell, then in that case it is necessary to see a doctor immediately. This shade demonstrates presence of any pathology from the child that poses a threat for his health. Proceeding from the aforesaid, it is possible to draw a conclusion that an exit of a mucous stopper speaks about opening of a neck of the uterus which is going to let out the child. The stopper can be allocated in the small portions or infections, with a cotton sound.

One more characteristic sign of the coming childbirth are intensive fights between which time interval approximately identical. In morbidity of a fight are very similar to periods, only prenatal pain every hour becomes more severe. However in breaks between fights the painful feelings almost completely are absent, thereby giving to the woman in labor rest. Thus, if fights began to repeat each 15 minutes, then it is sign of the beginning of childbirth. Such regular contractions come to an end with full disclosure of a neck of the uterus and, respectively, the birth of the baby.

Such signs as frequent desires in a toilet, a sickening condition, lack of appetite and pain in a stomach signal about the beginning of patrimonial activity. Generally such processes happen under the influence of the hormones stimulating childbirth. Most of women with approach of patrimonial process begin to feel the surrounding pain in lumbar area or weak pains in the bottom of a stomach. And this pain can have periodic or constant character. Of course, patrimonial process at each woman is carried out individually. Some women feel gradual development of fights, and at others fights become prompt at once. It is important to remember that at emergence of the first signs of the coming childbirth it is not necessary to play for time, it is desirable to call the ambulance at once. Qualified specialists will always be able to help the woman in labor who is in maternity hospital if suddenly something goes not so. But anyway, you should not panic, and it is necessary just to trust in experts and to strictly implement all recommendations. Then the birth of the healthy kid and knowledge of boundless maternal happiness will be a reward to mom.

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