How to understand that she is pregnant, prior to a visit to the gynecologist

How to understand that she is pregnant, prior to a visit to the gynecologist

The most reliable way for pregnancy definition – the test for HGCh and visit of the gynecologist. But also the set of other signs which indicate pregnancy existence still before it is established officially is known.

When pregnancy is expected long ago and with impatience, the woman is inclined to listen to any changes in the state. Even on very small term such changes can be noticeable – on the first or second week there are both slight dizzinesses, and nausea or vomiting. Women differently feel pregnancy approach. One can feel changes in an organism in a week after fertilization, another understands that she is pregnant, only after pays attention to a delay of a menstrual cycle. The test for pregnancy or consultation of the doctor is capable to clear a situation.

Signs of pregnancy

  • The most known sign of approach of pregnancy – a periods delay. However reliable such way can reckon only for ladies with a regular menstrual cycle.
  • Change of tastes – in an organism of any substances at the pregnant woman can appear from behind shortage thirst for products which it treated before indifferently. It can be also something inedible – chalk and so on. Cases when women chewed paper are known.
  • Because of hormonal changes the breast can bulk up, unusual painful feelings appear. The breast of mother is preparing for feeding of the kid from the very first days of pregnancy.
  • The speeded-up urination. It is connected with increase in a uterus which puts pressure upon a bladder and causes frequent desires.
  • Fast fatigue. At pregnancy approach the woman can feel frequent fatigue, drowsiness, it worsens memory and the attention decreases. All this belongs to hormonal changes in an organism.

If the woman notes at herself one or even a little from the listed signs, it does not mean yet that she is pregnant. But it is an occasion to prick up the ears and try to visit as soon as possible the gynecologist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team