How to understand that she is pregnant to a delay: characteristic symptoms and signs

How to understand that she is pregnant to a delay: characteristic symptoms and signs

At women with a regular cycle the periods begin every month with an accuracy nearly about one minute. If the cycle did not begin, it is possible to suspect that there was a fertilization and to make the test. But there are situations when conception is the long-awaited and planned event therefore the woman can begin to try to discover at herself the first hints on pregnancy even if to monthly there is any time. What signs of pregnancy to a delay with the largest probability will confirm successful conception whether it is always possible to rely on them?

During pregnancy (even on the earliest terms) in an organism the large-scale reorganization begins. Changes affect all systems – from endocrine and nervous to cardiovascular and digestive. On them it is possible to understand that pregnancy after an ovulation at last occurred.

How to learn about pregnancy in house conditions

1) Faints, weakness and dizzinesses. Pregnancy is followed by the strengthened blood supply of a uterus, during this period pressure can decrease, there is a feeling of fatigue, the head is turned and sometimes there is a feeling that it is a little more, and you will faint.

2) Change of basal temperature. At a stage of preparation for pregnancy many doctors advise each woman to take basal temperature. It helps to define date of an ovulation with the largest accuracy. If on graphics you noticed that basal temperature fluctuates within 37.2-37.3C, without going down and without raising, it can be an indicator that fertilization took place successfully, and your life soon will cardinally change.

3) Frequent urination. As well as in a case with dizzinesses, the strengthened blood supply of bodies of a small pelvis becomes the reasons of frequent urination. It seems that desires will never stop even if the bladder is almost empty. It is one more sign helping to understand to a delay she is pregnant or not the woman.

4) Swelling of a breast and pain. Mammary glands become more sensitive after 7-14 days after successful fertilization. Especially it is necessary to draw the attention of subjects to it who in the period of monthly and to them had no changes touching a breast.

5) Jumps of mood. The joy which is replaced by tears, apathy and the cheerfulness periods following it can speak about pregnancy to a delay too.

6) Changes from digestive system. It is possible to determine pregnancy to a delay by morning nausea, vomiting, heartburn. These unpleasant satellites of interesting situation are explained by the hormonal changes happening in an organism of future mom. In certain cases pregnancy is characterized by strange flavoring addictions: pulls someone on salty, smoked and sharp, and someone is not able to come off sweets though before to them he was absolutely indifferent.

Of course, the listed signs it is impossible to call 100% a guarantee that the woman became pregnant. Pressure jumps and dizzinesses can be provoked by overfatigue and a stress, temperature increases at various catarrhal diseases, urination can signal about infections in an urinary system, even the breast can bulk up not because there was a conception, and for various reasons, including diseases of mammary glands. Not to be disappointed and to amuse itself with false hopes, it is the best of all to wait for estimated day of monthly - if they did not come, so it is a high time to go to pharmacy behind the test.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team