How to understand that the child has enough milk

How to understand that the child has enough milk

Process of establishing breastfeeding time quite long and demanding from young mom of patience and persistence. The little manage to avoid problems which at the same time families of babies face. One of most frequently asked questions to consultants for breastfeeding is the question of enough milk to the child.


1. And really the kid cannot tell you that he is hungry. And crying which is a signal to action of adults at the child sometimes forces inexperienced mummies unawares. Its reasons there can be great variety: gripes, wet films, an inconvenient pose and just desire to stay near mom.

2. The child who has enough breast milk is in good mood when is awake, he falls asleep usually near a mother's breast. He sucks, as a rule, quietly, does not feel discomfort or discomfort. Besides the full child easily maintains breaks between feedings which correspond to his age.

3. To understand whether is enough for the child of milk, observe the frequency of its urinations. The kid to whom food suffices wets films not less than 12-15 times a day. The full kid of 5-6 times should change disposable diapers in day. At the same time they are quite heavy. But nevertheless it is better to leave the child per day in diapers or a romper suit, then the result of your observations will be more reliable.

4. The kid who has enough mother's milk quickly grows fat. He restores the physiological loss happening in the first days after the birth in 7-10 days, and then its weight increases according to age norms.

5. If nevertheless it becomes clear that there is really not enough milk, you should not transfer the child to mixes at once. As a rule, mummies wishing to nurse the kid try to obtain the. For this purpose reconsider own diet, take the drugs increasing a lactation, you feed the kid on demand and surely at night. And also ask for the help the consultant for breastfeeding.

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