How to understand that the child is ready to school

How to understand that the child is ready to school

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Many parents try to send the child to school as soon as possible because of what the situation when it is very difficult to first grader to sit still, is frequent study attracts him a little. For this reason it is necessary to make sure, first of all, that the child is ready to school psychologically, physically and socially.

Physical readiness for school

First graders should change the way of life cardinally: earlier they were in the constant movement and a game, and here them force 40-45 minutes to sit not movably at a school desk. It is required to estimate ability of the child to sit so long time quietly before sending it to school in 5-6 years.

Besides, its coordination in space is much important: whether he can walk without injuries upstairs, jump, run, etc.

Social readiness for school

The child joins the new social group – in the whole class of peers. It very much will need the put, distinct and well-bred speech. He has to understand what he should be spoken and what is rough/inappropriate.

It is necessary for the child imetyindividualny experience of communication with peers and adults. On experience of communication with adults the child gets social values and reference points, begins to understand what is good and what is bad since the adult helps it, analyzing his acts and behavior. Communication with peers "I" help to create the child, his consciousness and a self-assessment. Without such experience of communication it will be very difficult to it to adapt to educational activity. For this reason it is recommended to send the child before receipt to school in kindergarten that he received all necessary skills of communication there.

Psychological readiness for school

The first grader will need to listen carefully, read, write 40 minutes. Therefore it is necessary to estimate its ability to any attention since often it should concentrate that it is not really interesting to it. It is necessary to estimate ability to any memory also: whether the child can learn and remember texts, poems, news, etc. As for thinking, evident and figurative thinking whereas often children of 5-6 years are at a stage of evident and effective thinking is important for first graders. It means that the child cannot carry out intellectual operations without support on material objects.

It is necessary to mark out motivational aspect separately: whether the child has an aspiration to knowledge acquisition whether it is interesting to study it to all new.

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