How to understand the child with hyperactivity and deficiency of attention

How to understand the child with hyperactivity and deficiency of attention

Deficiency syndrome of attention with hyperactivity are violations in neurologic and behavioural development of the child. Children with such diagnosis are called "difficult". Parents, tutors and teachers cannot cope with them since it seems to them that the child wants to listen and carry out nothing. However such children quite often are exceptional, it is necessary to put their energy on the right track only. And not only the child, but also his parents will need to change.


1. You do not blame yourself or the child in his povedeniiva are not guilty that you have a "difficult" child, you give him good education. The child, in turn, is not guilty that he is such. Even if he wants to concentrate attention that it ask, and quietly to sit, he cannot just make it. It should move, to touch something in hands, to replace one business by another. Remember that your child has no deviations, he is special. To understand the hyperactive child, it is necessary to give more to him attention and to be engaged with it.

2. Remain quiet in all the situatsiyakhgiperaktivny child cannot sit in place and creates chaos in all apartment. It constantly breaks something, throws objects on a floor, tears books, etc. Of course, each kid so can arrive, but the child with a deficiency syndrome of attention with hyperactivity does it much more often and in larger scales. Here the main thing is not to break and not to shout at the child or that it is worse to apply physical punishments.

3. Be strict, but kind parents Try, as seldom as possible to speak "no", it is impossible", "not". If there is a ban on any action, then and other family members have to refuse to the child it. Extend your bans to behavioural deviations: to behave quietly in public places, not to take away a toy from other children and not to beat them. Teach the child to contact correctly to people around and to constrain negative emotions.

4. Create a favorable situation in a semyeizbegayta of conflict situations between family members, communicate at the child more and connect it to a conversation. Whenever possible allocate for the child the separate room without computer, phone, the TV that did not prevent it to be engaged and did not distract from classes. Introduce a high security of day to which not only the hyperactive child, but also parents has to adhere. Instead of evening watching television, play with the child board games all family which concentrate attention.

5. Learn your child in an igresledita behind in what role he likes to act as he behaves in various situations. It is important to achieve trusting relationship with the child, to become for him the best friend. Learn his opinion and desires.

6. Give to the child of a task At first you can tidy up together its room, wash the floors, the dishes, etc., and then you enter these actions into its duties. Tasks should not exceed its abilities. Draw the colourful schedule of performance of work and you watch that everything was made up to the end. If the "difficult" child refuses to continue, then give him a break, and then softly ask to finish begun. If he does not want to complete also then business, then let's punishment sit, for example, on a chair of 10 minutes or to wash the dishes. Do not forget to encourage and praise the child.

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