How to understand the kid

How to understand the kid

The child's birth – a happy event for any family, but many people are frightened newborn babies as they do not know how to behave with such small child, and do not know how it is correct to understand that the kid who is not able to speak and what his requirements consist in wants. Actually it is simple to understand the small child – any mother loving the child feels with him psychological communication and therefore intuitively knows what her kid needs.


1. The child always shows to mom that to him it is necessary at present therefore your task is to be the most empatichny mother, to include an intuition and to listen attentively to needs of the child.

2. Since first day of life of the kid, you will meet him and with his method of expression of feelings and desires. Remember that the child never cries just like that – if he cries, he means feels alarm and discomfort, and your task is to save him from this discomfort. After a while you will be able easily to define when the child cries with hunger when it is necessary to change clothes of it and when – to feed.

3. Not only the intuition, but also ability to listen to intonations of the child will help to define the reason of children's crying to you. For example, crying is exacting and calling when the kid is hungry and demands food. If the child, having eaten, fell asleep, so the feeling of hunger disappeared. Avoid stresses and be not nervous – your mood is instantly transferred to the child, and he can feel causeless alarm.

4. Learn to talk to the child – you say with him as often as possible, forming emotional connection, and then you monitor his reaction. Smile to the kid, and he will smile to you in reply – it means that he derives pleasure.

5. The grown-up child aged from three months can already repeat after you some actions, interacting more close. Small children perfectly understand everything that occurs around them not worse than adults therefore should not confuse you that the first one-two years the child does not express the understanding in words clear to you.

6. For expression of the emotions and thoughts the kid uses gestures, a mimicry and sounds, and all this needs to be able to be traced for competent interaction with the child, and the maternal love and care is always the cornerstone of this interaction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team