How to understand, who will be: boy or girl

How to understand, who will be: boy or girl

During pregnancy many women want to know a sex of the child. This information will be interesting not only out of curiosity, but also in the practical purposes: to think over design of the children's room, to buy clothes and toys for the necessary floor. There are ways to define a sex of the child till his birth, but accuracy is far from 100%. So you should not count on national signs strongly.


1. Appetite of future mom - an excellent indicator for sex determination of the child. It is considered that bearing the boy of the woman eat more to give strength to future athlete. Preference is given at the same time to meat, salty or sour dishes. Pregnant with the girl is prone less, choosing sweet dishes and fruit. It is worth paying attention and to how the pregnant woman eats bread. If begins with a top crust, then waits for the son and if tears off a crumb - the daughter.

2. Severe toxicosis indicates that woman she is pregnant the boy. During incubation girlsof pregnancy passes easier and more quietly, and toxicosis either does not torment at all, or quickly stops. It is explained by the fact that men's hormones break balance in a female body, and it has something like "allergy".

3. The appearance in general too can prompt future sex of the child. It is considered that the little girl takes away beauty of mom, and the pregnant woman looks worse, than before pregnancy. Hair grow dull, the skin color spoils, pimples on the face can develop. Connect it with the fact that the daughter takes away women's hormones from a mother's organism and it worsens a metabolism. And bearing the woman's boy as if blossom and every day become more more beautiful: hair become thick and brilliant, skin clean and smooth. However, often pregnancy by the boy is accompanied by dry skin of hands. And here future mothers of girls do not face such problem. The light aura of nipples foretells appearance of the son, darkened - daughters.

4. Pay attention to legs - during pregnancy by the boy on them more hair grows, they colder than usually and stronger swell up. With girls everything remains at the previous level and no changes are observed.

5. The behavior of mom and change in her character can help with prediction of a sex of the child. At the whimsical, emotional and quickly irritated women daughters are born more often. And quiet and balanced women carry under the son's heart.

6. The health of mom strongly depends on the child in a tummy. Boys load the woman with energy, it becomes more active, is not sat by it in place and all the time there is a wish to do something. And here girls take away all forces, causing drowsiness, sluggishness and desire to lie down longer in a bed.

7. Bearing the daughter, women keep the grace, and here with the son their gait changes and becomes clumsy. Stumble, crash into furniture, into jambs and ledges more often therefore it is worth being more careful.

8. If to ask the pregnant woman to show hands, then expecting the girl, most likely will turn palms up. And if instead shows hands the back, then waits for the boy.

9. The shape of a stomach can differ depending on a sex of the child too. Girls usually disappear in a stomach, wide, similar to a melon, which holds apart in sides. And boys are in the round and accurate tummy similar to a soccerball. Also it is worth paying attention in what party the stomach top looks: if to the right, it is worth preparing for the son and if to the left - to the daughter.

10. Date of conception can prompt a sex of the child, to be exact what is the time remained to an ovulation. If sexual intercourse happened on the same day, as the ovulation, then is big the probability to conceive the boy. The girl can be conceived for couple of days to an ovulation. There is a way simpler - to compare age of mother and year of conception. If both figures even, mean there will be a girl if one of figures odd - the boy.

11. The behavior of the child in a stomach speaks about much. Girls behave more quietly, and boys move often, kicked and in other ways show character. And most often they are pushed in a bladder, and the girl - in a liver or in edges.

12. Simple guessing can open a sex of the child. For this purpose the needle with a white thread is required. Holding with the right hand a tip of a thread it is necessary to arrange a needle directly over the left hand, having revealed her a palm up. Between index and a thumb it is necessary to lower three times a needle, and then to arrange in centimeter over a palm. If the needle begins to be turned, the girl means in a stomach if starts walking here and there - the boy. It is necessary to keep a needle in some options of guessing directly over a stomach.

13. Guessing with a key is even simpler, but according to reviews it is not so reliable. It is enough to put before the pregnant woman one key, without ring or a sheaf and to ask to take. Will take for a long and narrow part - means expects the girl if for a round part - the boy.

14. Other children can prompt a sex of the child the behavior, they very thinly feel such things. It is considered that if the boy who only learned to go winds round around the pregnant woman, she means carries the baby under heart. If he ignores its presence, she means waits for the son. Remember the first word of the senior child if he is, and it will specify a sex of the child. "Mom" - the girl, "dad" - the boy.

15. The behavior and the relations of parents can program the defined sex of the child. Active sex life increases chances to receive the girl to conception of the child and if to maintain pauses - there will be a boy. If dad prefers the fitting linen, most likely he will receive the boy, and the fan of "semeynik" - the girl. Think who in couple loves the spouse stronger? If the wife loves the husband more, than he she, then at them will be the daughter and if on the contrary - the sonny.

16. Ultrasonography is the most exact way to know a sex of the child to his birth. About 14-16 weeks it will be possible to see whom you wait if the kid is not covered with hands. But even such research does not guarantee the accuracy of results. Therefore to know a sex of the child it will turn out only after the birth, only then it is possible to be sure that information is authentic.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team