How to update a crib

How to update a crib

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Very often cribs devolve, quite often mom puts to bed the kid in the same cradle where she had a rest when she was at infantile age. It is a pity to throw out such things, especially if furniture wooden and is made very qualitatively.

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1. Attentively examine a bed, check a condition of all its parts. You should replace a mattress with new modern model which will help the child grow correctly and does not deform a backbone. Do not leave an old cotton or foam mattress at all.

2. It will be required to replace also wheels of a bed that they easily moved, allowing to move quickly furniture there where it will be convenient to you to stack the baby.

3. Accurately sort a thing. If any wooden parts of a bed are broken or strongly damaged, postpone them and order same in the joiner's shop.

4. Remove the old cracked covering a special remover or a large skin. Remove a workplace from garbage and finish clarification by a small emery paper. A rigid brush remove dust from the processed wooden elements.

5. Process a bed special primer which will protect wood and will help a new covering to lay down better. Choose paint only for work indoors and suitable for children's furniture. There are textural coverings on the basis of acrylic latex, they are ideal for restoration of a bed. You apply paint with a synthetic brush or the small roller.

6. During the work strictly observe the recommendations specified in the instruction for application. To achieve rich bright color, put one more paint layer after the first dries. For additional decorative effect paint each perekladinka on a bed paint of other color.

7. The crib can be decorated by means of napkins for decoupage. Paste cheerful drawings on backs outside and cover with water-based suitable varnish.

8. If you have an opportunity and ability, it is possible to try to burn out by means of the special device an ornament on a bed. Choose the drawing simple, accurate and clear. It is possible to write some kind wish or the children's rhyme a stylish interesting font.

9. In a bed the baby spends much time and studying the outside world begins with this piece of furniture therefore restore a thing with love and tenderness, accurately and carefully.

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