How to use an exhaust tube

How to use an exhaust tube

Gripes are a normal phenomenon at children of the first year of life. To help the child to get rid of pain, there is a set of methods. One of them is use of an exhaust tube.

It is required to you

  • - exhaust tube;
  • - children's cream, vaseline or vegetable oil;
  • - clean diaper;
  • - diaper.


1. If for a long time child shouts, his stomach as a drum, it is possible to apply an exhaust tube. Remember that use of an exhaust tubule - the most extreme method. It should be tried when other ways of disposal of your kid of gripes do not help (espumizan or plantex, strokings by a palm around a navel clockwise, the diaper which is warmed up by the iron attached to near-umbilical area, exercise ""bicycle"", pressing and assignment of the bent legs to a stomach and laying of your child by a naked tummy on the naked stomach). Optimum, if the exhaust tube is put by the doctor.

2. Take the sterilized or pro-boiled exhaust call which is stored in a clean package, or buy it in pharmacy.

3. Grease it with children's cream, usual vegetable oil or vaseline.

4. Put the child on a clean diaper, on a back. Him bend legs in knees and press to a stomach.

5. Enter an exhaust tube most deeply. It is worth doing it very accurately, the twisting movements, pressing the baby's legs to a tummy. If suddenly you feel resistance at introduction of a tube, immediately stop entering it.

6. The inserted tube slightly twist in a bottom. In the same time stroke-oar the kid warm on a stomach or do legs exercise ""bicycle"".

7. Wait 2-3 minutes and take an exhaust tube. Grease the child's bottom with children's cream.

8. Cover the baby with a diaper or a diaper. Within 10-20 minutes your child can periodically crap.

9. If introduction of an exhaust tube did not help, the stomach still firm and the kid cries, call the pediatrician.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team