How to use the mobile for the baby

How to use the mobile for the baby

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The first toys are very important for the kid as they help it to learn the world and to develop. Therefore it is necessary to approach their choice very consciously, but not to buy everything that was seen in children's shop.


1. The mobile - one of the most widespread toys for the kid in the first months after his birth. At the moment the choice their rather big therefore it is not always possible to orient in this assortment at once. There are mechanical mobiles which work by the principle of the music box - music begins to sound after the plant a key; and electronic, running on batteries.

2. The mobile fastens to a children's bed, a carriage or a stool for feeding, and on it several soft or plastic toys which at inclusion turn to the sound of music are suspended. At the same time there are models in which several melodies at choice, including classical and sounds of the nature and it is even possible to write down something special. Usually they go with the additional musical block which can be used and separately at later age. Such options more expensive, but are more durable and sounding is usually more pleasant.

3. The kid somewhere in a month begins to consider objects, focusing on them attention therefore will reach any toys this time senselessly. It is possible to turn on the quiet pleasant music for hearing development. The mobile can be used at this time as music too. When choosing the mobile it is worth paying attention to a possibility of volume control and also to sounding.

4. Some doctors recommend to hang up the mobile on a bed only after achievement of 3 months by the child since tracking the turning toys can cause squint. It is possible only if it is located really under a certain corner, and the child that to consider them, has to look aside. The mobile should be fixed so that the kid looked directly at it, and at distance not less than 40 cm as in principle and all other toys to strengthen his sight.

5. How many to use the mobile in day, depends only on your child. Some kids fall asleep with pleasure under a pleasant melody, and others, on the contrary, clear up and begin to move handles legs actively.

6. You should not leave at once the child of one with the included mobile. In the beginning, after its fixing on a bed, it is necessary to give time to the kid to consider a toy, to try to include for a couple of minutes a bit later and to look at reaction. If the child became interested, then let music will play minutes 5, and then gradually increase time. The kid can be frightened of new sounds and begin to cry, in this case the mobile should be switched off and removed at once. In couple of days to try again. Perhaps process of accustoming to this toy can be dragged out, and there are children who do not love it at all, but most often it depends on model and on quality of sounding of melodies.

7. At some parents the mobile is rescue in the first months of the child since it is an opportunity to entertain him for some time without participation of adults and to give several minutes of rest. Besides it positively influences sight, hearing and gives the first impressions about the world around. A bit later these turning toys can be given in hands to the kid for development of fine motor skills of children's handles. And those models which have the removable musical block can be used within several years already independently.

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