How to use the test for pregnancy

How to use the test for pregnancy

Application of the test for pregnancy - an excellent opportunity to find out results of fertilization to a campaign to the doctor. Regardless of a look it is quite simple in use, but each option has the nuances.


1. Buy the test for pregnancy only in pharmacies. Quite so you protect yourself from acquisition of a cheap fake which result of application will become an occasion of excess disappointment. Choose the option which was pleasant to you and start actions.

2. Streep-poloskaeto the simplest type of tests for pregnancy representing a thin strip with reagent inside which is intended for definition of the horionichesky gonadotrophin of the person (HGP) in urine. Open packing just before application. Collect urine in net and dry capacity and lower in it a test strip to noted level. You watch closely a mark - having lowered the test too deeply, you risk to receive doubtful result. Wait five seconds and take out a strip from capacity, put it on a dry horizontal surface. Check of result has to be carried out after three-five minutes. After ten minutes the test is considered invalid.

3. Jet test kassetaspetsialnoye the plastic device allows to define existence or lack of pregnancy without filling of capacity. Remove a cap from the cartridge and undertake the test where it is not marked with an arrow. Substitute the marked end which was under a protective cap under an urine stream for five seconds. After that close the test a cap and postpone for five minutes. In this case the test also becomes invalid after ten minutes.

4. Tablet test this test is an analog of laboratory diagnostics and has the most exact results. It represents the test cartridge and the pipette attached to it. Gather urine in the pipette and fill with four of its drops a special round opening in the cartridge. Assessment of the test is made in three-five minutes.

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