How to use white cosmetic pencil

How to use white cosmetic pencil

white cosmetic pencil is used for make-up of eyes or manicure. With its help it is possible to lighten internal eyelid, to create substrate for color shadows or original eyeliner for unusual make-up. This accessory is irreplaceable and for fast French manicure - the pencil will give to tips of nails well-groomed look.

We make up eyes with white pencil

Most often the white cosmetic pencil is used for eyeliner of internal century. The waterproof liner with nacre is for this purpose necessary - he to lay down even layer, looks naturally and does not demand updating.

Do not use opaque white pencil - it looks too dim.

The easy light stroke put under eyebrow will help to make eyes more expressively. Shade silvery or white-pink pencil directly under arch. Such reception will visually open look and will hide short hairs which do not give in to epilation.

The white liner can be applied also on internal corner of eye. Such way is well combined with dark shadows - very noticeable and extravagant make-up turns out. Obligatory stroke - the eyelashes which are densely made up by volume velvet-black ink. By means of the liner it is possible to strengthen shade of color shadows. Apply as far as strokes with white pencil on mobile eyelid and shade them the applicator. Atop put layer of cream or powdery shadows. They will hold on longer, and color will be brighter.

Masking and camouflage: white lines on face

The white pencil is necessary not only for make-up of eyes. With its help you will be able to hide mimic wrinkles, to lighten certain sites and even to increase the volume of lips. That lines were not evident, carefully pound pencil strokes and mask them thin layer of friable powder. Try to make mouth chubbier by means of thin pencil lines. Apply balm on lips, and then circle mouth contour, carefully repeating all bends. Make up lips lipstick or dense gloss of light tone. You watch that the white contour has been hidden by lipstick. The pencil will help to camouflage accurately folds and wrinkles. Apply thin lines on nasolabial or nososlezny furrows, pound strokes fingertips and powder. That means lay more exactly, previously moisturize and tint the skin. The same liner it is possible to hide small pigmental specks or heat-spots.

For the person choose the softest white pencil - it can be applied both over powder or tone means, and on pure leather.

White color in manicure: quickly and simply

The nacreous-white waterproof pencil is necessary for the French manicure. Paint over it inside of free edge of nail. Then apply transparent or light pastel varnish on external part of plate and record it top covering. Fast and accurate French manicure is ready. That it kept the freshness, update pencil strokes every day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team