How to warm up baby food

How to warm up baby food

Most of parents faces a problem of the correct heating of baby food. It is very important to know methods of competent finishing it up to the necessary temperature as the hungry kid will hardly lie silently and to wait so far for it mom will think how to warm up for it food.


1. During heating of baby food there are 2 important moments: efficiency (time of a warming up there have to be about 5-7 minutes) and safety (to warm food so that the kid did not burn).

2. Heating of baby food in the microwave oven. This way yields rather fast result, but at the same time very high risk of overheating. Besides, food in the microwave oven gets warm not evenly, that is at the bottom still can be cold while on a surface - already hot. And besides not each ware is suitable for the microwave oven, and it means that perhaps baby food will need to be shifted.

3. Heating of baby food on a water bath. For this purpose it is necessary to lower a small bottle with food in a pan with water and to put on gas. In process of heating of water also baby food will heat up. The main lack of this method – heating duration.

4. Heating of baby food by means of the heater for small bottles. The principle of its action same, as at a water bath. The small bottle with food falls to water too and heats up. However the heater has a built-in temperature regulator which does not allow overheating or cooling of water therefore baby food heats up to necessary temperature in rather short time (up to 10 minutes). Minus of this device is that in it only small bottles are located, it is not calculated on wider capacity. Many parents give preference to the last way of heating of baby food. Therefore it is very important to know how to choose it. First, it is necessary to pay attention that the heater worked not only from network, but also from the automobile lighter. It is important at frequent trips with the kid on the car. Secondly, it is very convenient if the heater has such function which will allow to set the necessary temperature of heating of baby food. Thirdly, it is better if this device has a special button of switching off that there was no need after each use to switch off the device from network.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team