How to wash children's small bottles

How to wash children's small bottles

Small bottle for feeding - the very first ware of the kid. Behind it, as well as behind all children's accessories, regular and thorough leaving is necessary. The child's organism less resistant, than at the adult, and the immune system is developed more weakly. Therefore when washing children's ware it is necessary to know and follow some rules of care for it.


1. It is desirable to wash a small bottle right after its use. As soon as the child ate, exempt it from the food remains by thorough washing by water or the clean brush. Wash the dishes with soap or soda. Alkali well dissolves residues of fat from food. Pay special attention to a neck and a bottom of a bottle. In these parts the remains of milk and mix constantly accumulate, and it is difficult to remove them then.

2. If necessary, if capacity is strongly polluted, wet it for some time in the warm water containing baking soda. For this purpose prepare solution: 5 g of soda on liquid liter. Then carefully process small bottles the brush. For washing of children's ware the ruff has to be certain. Change it each 2-3 weeks. You dry all accessories for feeding of the child on a clean towel.

3. Many mothers prefer to wash small bottles in the dishwasher. In principle, it is possible, with application of appropriate means. And here it is better to process nipples manually.

4. For care for children's ware the set of detergents is produced now. On condition of the correct storage, they are safe for health of the kid. Antibacterial or bactericidal components which provide effective disinfection to ware are their part. Choose soft detergents which will not leave scratches on a children's small bottle. They have to be washed away well as is hotter, and cold water.

5. Quite often when washing pacifiers and special forms of small bottles it is impossible to avoid scratches. Many producers release the special manual brushes consisting of soft and flexible rubber materials for the products. Such means guarantee not only high-quality cleaning and washing of ware, but also prevent appearance of scratches.

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