How to wash out a nose to the newborn

How to wash out a nose to the newborn

Washing of a nose to the baby — the procedure extraordinary. It is necessary to hold it only according to the recommendation of the doctor. If the child had a cold, first of all address the local pediatrician even if there is no temperature. The baby can have a functional cold. In this case it usually passes without any foreign intervention. But it happens that the accumulated slime very much interferes with normal breath. In this case the doctor can advise to wash a nose.

It is required to you

  • - rubber pear;
  • - syringe without needle;
  • - special salt solution or table salt.


1. Before washing out a nose, remove slime from there. It can be done by means of small rubber pear which surely you have to have in a first-aid kit. This procedure can not be pleasant to the kid, as well as in general washing of a nose. But it is necessary to make it, otherwise all efforts will go for nothing. Solution it will be back simple to follow.

2. Special children's salt solution can be bought in pharmacy. Usually their several types, it is also possible to choose that which more all others correspond to both your purposes, and age of the kid. Precisely follow the instruction. If suitable means on sale does not appear, make it. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt in water liter. For preparation water can be taken and hot, but before the procedure it needs to be cooled to room temperature.

3. Prepare the syringe. It is better to take small diabetic on 5 ml, so much solution will be required to you. The needle needs to be removed. If you have only larger syringe, watch closely amount of liquid.

4. The kid put on a flank. Pour in water weak streams at first in one nostril, then in another. If the nose is bunged up, the mouth at the child is usually open, but it is necessary to track it. Observe that the kid did not choke with solution. If it suddenly happened, put it on a hand on a stomach and slightly clap on a back.

5. If the doctor wrote out drops, dig them after washing. It is dangerous to self-medicate, the kid suits not all drugs which treat adults or even children of more advanced age.

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