How to wash the child

How to wash the child

Problems which parents of the newborn baby, great variety face. Inexperienced mothers and fathers ask questions at the slightest pretext. Also problems with washing of the tot are not an exception.


1. newbornchildIt is necessary to wash boiled water. For each eye use a new cotton tampon or a ball. Wash the baby very carefully, easy movements, avoiding pressings, it is obligatory from an external corner of an eye to internal. This procedure is carried out daily.

2. Many parents face that at the kid of the first month of life eyes suppurate. In it there is nothing terrible, but nevertheless it is worth seeing a doctor, he will appoint special drops. These days it is better to wash the kid light pink solution of potassium permanganate. For this purpose several kristallik stir it in a glass of water, and then a little received solution add water for washing of the baby.

3. Every day it is necessary to clean also a nose of the kid. For this purpose it is necessary to make cotton zhgutik, and then to clean them nasal passes. Zhgutiki is previously moistened in the children's or sterilized sunflower oil. Easily to remove crusts from the child's nose, it is possible to drip 1-2 drops of salt solution, for example Aquamaris which is applied at children from the first day of life. Such solution can also be prepared in house conditions. For this purpose in a glass of boiled water it is necessary to part a salt half-teaspoon.

4. To clean to the kid ears, it is necessary to be very accurate. Do not do it by means of Q-tips at all. Any sharp movement of the baby can cause a severe trauma. Apply only cotton zhgutik to cleaning of ears. Ears, unlike eyes and a nose, do not require daily care therefore this procedure is carried out only if necessary.

5. Continue to wash the kid boiled water, as a rule, for the first month of life. In process of growing the baby can be accustomed in tap water.

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