How to wash the newborn boy

How to wash the newborn boy

Water procedures of boys differ only in process of washing of genitals. All other actions are absolutely identical with bathing of the girl. Before acceptance of a bathtub study opinions of different doctors on washing of boys – views of experts of this process absolutely different, and at times opposite.


1. Begin to bathe the baby, only when the umbilical wound grows. It is better to organize the first water procedures in a children's bath. Carefully wash it before use. It is desirable to clean a bathtub not chemical means, but usual soda. In few weeks of bathings it will be possible to arrange a heat and in an adult bathtub – here the kid will be able freely to move with handles and legs. And it is good charging.

2. Begin with so-called "adaptation bathing" - lower the baby in a bath in a diaper. So he will more quietly react to change of the environment around himself. Before immersion measure water in a bathtub – it has to be exactly +37 degrees.

3. If the child has an irritation on buttocks, it is possible to add train broth to water. Pediatricians advise other herbs to apply with care – at the baby possibly appearance of an allergy.

4. During bathing strong you hold the child. On a forearm of the hand put a nape of the kid, and a brush undertake his shoulder. Smile and talk to the baby. He can sing a song. A free hand wash the child. To apply skins to bathing and washed enough few times in a week not to wash away a natural protective layer of skin.

5. Some physicians are sure – during washing of boys including newborns, it is necessary to remove a little extreme flesh and to wash a genital head. Not to allow an infection. Other experts consider – to remove at infantile age extreme flesh harmfully. First, it is possible to damage – it completely will open only by 3 years. Secondly, there is a probability to bring an infection. If after all decide to wash "there" – be not overzealous. Do not try to bare strongly small body and do not use soap. Even better – add camomile broth to a bath.

6. First you should not bathe the kid longer than 10 minutes. During this time add warm water that the child did not freeze to a bath.

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