How to wash the newborn child

How to wash the newborn child

Each kid perceives bathing in own way. Someone is frightened, others, on the contrary, are cheerful and playful. It is possible to organize process in a small bath or the large bathroom. This matter of taste, the main thing to have a positive spirit and confidence in own actions.

It is required to you

  • - bathtub;
  • - towel;
  • - means for bathing;
  • - potassium permanganate or broths of herbs.


1. Smile and talk to the kid in the course of preparation for bathing and during it. Wash the child after feeding, it is better to wait for minutes 20. In the first month of life of the baby add potassium permanganate, herbs decoctions (train, a camomile) to a bathtub. They well remove irritation of skin, inflammation.

2. You can add broths of hop, a sage, needles. At first prepare strong infusion, filter it and only then add to water for bathing. It is impossible to pour potassium permanganate in the form of crystals into water, they can be dissolved and cause a burn to the kid not completely. Make solution in advance, remove in the fridge and use as required.

3. Bathe the child daily, use special shampoos and complex means for washing 1-2 times a week, in the rest of the time of rather usual water. While the kid actively does not move, bathe him in a special children's bath. Before the procedure wash up it with soap, then drench with boiled water. Hold a head of the kid independently or use a head restraint.

4. You boil water for bathing in the first weeks of life of the child, then it is possible to use usual water. If hard water, add a little starch. For this purpose part 100-150 grams of mix with warm water and stir, add to a bath.

5. Wash up hands with soap, check water temperature in the bathroom. For the first bathings has to be 36-37 degrees of heat if the kid premature - 38. Accurately wash the child's neck, a body, the head, reject it back that water and soap did not flow down on the person. Shift the baby a stomach to yourself to a hand and wash up behind. Up to 6 months of children wash with hands, after 6 months it is possible to use previously boiled rag or a sponge.

6. Take out the kid from a bathtub. Prepare water (1-2 degrees more cool) in advance and pour over the baby from a jug. Cover with a big soft towel. Boil water and wash up a face to the child. Dry the kid and put him on a plain surface with previously laid diaper. Examine all folds of skin, grease them if necessary. Surely wipe its ears that in them there was no water.

7. Prepare all necessary in advance. Bathing of the newborn will require a bath or a big bathtub, water, a ladle, cream or powder, clean clothes, broths of herbs. Do not bathe the child if he cries.

8. Lower the child in a bath in a diaper that he was not frightened, besides, it is so simpler to hold the soaped kid. Over time you will be able to adjust joint bathing.

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