How to wash the newborn girl

How to wash the newborn girl

Bathing gives pleasure to all kids. It is necessary to remember that for girls there are simple rules of hygiene which observance will allow to avoid excess troubles. For the rest process of bathing same, as at boys.

It is required to you

  • - bathing bath;
  • - potassium permanganate, broths of herbs;
  • - children's shampoo;
  • - towel.


1. It is necessary to pour water with the temperature of 37-37.5 °C in a children's bath, if necessary to add broth of officinal herbs (camomiles - for healing of an umbilical wound, a train - at rashes on skin) or the weak solution of potassium permanganate prepared in separate capacity.

2. Take the child on hands so that the left palm was under a nape and a neck, right - under knees of the baby and carefully lower the girl in water. The first bathing lasts several minutes, gradually time of bathing increases up to 10–20 minutes. Washing of the child is made at the end of bathing.

3. It is necessary to wash the newborn girl accurately, pouring a small amount of water on shoulders, a breast and the child's head, carefully washing out area behind ears, axillary hollows, all folds. Soap and means for bathing to use not more often than 2 times a week.

4. In the last turn it is necessary to wash away the newborn girl in the direction in front back. About one year it is not recommended to use soap for a podmyvaniye. In the course of bathing, slime which collects in vulvar lips girls razmokat and is removed randomly therefore it is not necessary to carry out any additional manipulations not to break microflora of an intimate zone of the baby.

5. After bathing put the child a stomach on a forearm and rinse with warm water from a bucket, its watering on a back to the girl.

6. Wrap the child in a terry towel and dry skin promakivayushchy movements.

7. After bathing process an umbilical wound, clean a nose and ears, oil the child's body baby. Oil genitals of the girl boiled vegetable.

8. At each change of a diaper and after depletion of intestines it is necessary to wash away the newborn girl under a water jet in front back, gathering water in a palm. You watch that kcal did not get to a sexual crack of the girl. Well dry area of a crotch a towel, process talc and put on a clean diaper.

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