How to wash the newborn's things

How to wash the newborn's things

Emergence in family of the kid – great joy, however also new cares appear. Than to wash diapers and baby's undershirts not to do much harm to gentle skin? Doctors insistently advise to use for washing only children's soap and any laundry detergents.

What to choose – soap or powder?

Importunate advertizing insistently convinces that children's powder is much better, than children's soap, and does not harm the kid at all. However there is a steady opinion that the best means for washing of children's things – laundry soap. It is difficult not to agree with it. Only natural substances are a part of laundry soap therefore it does not cause allergic reaction. In Soviet period the grated laundry soap in which boiled children's diapers was indispensable attribute of presence in the house of the newborn child.

Up to two months it is possible to wash children's things only children's or laundry soap.

Fortunately, times changed, and mummies already should not rub callosities, infinitely washing and rinsing dirty children's things. Washing machines automatic machines came to the rescue. However the problem of the choice of detergent remained.

Children's doctors agree to differ – up to two months it is possible to wash children's things only children's or laundry soap. However doctors are the famous conservatives therefore it is possible to trust also in the common sense. If you decided to buy children's powder, pay attention to its structure. It is desirable that the soap structure was a basis of powder and also useful a mark will "be hypoallergenic". That's all, more as a part of powder there should be no additives. Only in this case it is possible to be sure that its use will not cause unpleasant consequences for your kid.

How to wash children's diapers

However, it is not obligatory to erase every time with soap the described diapers at all, it is possible just to rinse them in warm water. When breastfeeding children's urine has neither color, nor a smell therefore such method sometimes can be used, without abusing it. Of course, it cannot be applied at washing off from the cradle a calla, good disinfection is required here. Traces of "accident" need to be washed away at first cold water, then to wipe spots with laundry soap and to allow to soak a little. Only after it it is possible to put in the washing machine. It is necessary to erase on the Boiling mode, double rinsing is obligatory. If you use not disposable diapers, but fabric or gauze, it is necessary to wash them also.

After washing the children's things need to be ironed carefully from two parties to avoid penetration of an infection into the umbilical wound which did not grow still.

When washing children's things that notorious laundry soap grated manually can facilitate a task. Fill in with hot water of a diaper with spots which do not want to wash off in any way, in the enameled bucket and put on a plate. It is necessary to boil 30 minutes. Washes ideally, from spots there is no left no trace, and your fingers remain. Here such subtleties exist in such, apparently, simple business. Let to your kid it will be comfortable in clean clothes!

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