How to wash to the child the head

How to wash to the child the head

Maintenance of hygiene and bathing – the integral element of the correct child care, but not all children derive pleasure from water procedures. Parents ask a question – how to expiate the kid and to wash up to it the head, having given it pleasure, but not discomfort? In this article we will tell how to organize bathing of the child that he got positive emotions from hygienic procedures.


1. Do not forget to wash daily to the child the head – it will accustom him to regularity of this procedure and also will present to the growing hair kid health and force. It is possible to wash the head every day and without shampoo, and to use children's shampoo not more often than two times a week.

2. Select child shampoo attentively – it has to be the most harmless, natural, and suitable for age category of your child.

3. Beginning to wash the head to the child, you do not hurry – do everything gradually. Throw back the child's head back and hold it with a hand that water did not get into eyes, and then water hair. Make foam a small amount of shampoo and apply it on all surface of hair.

4. Already with shampoo slightly massage the child's head, directing movements from a forehead to a nape. That the child did not miss and did not worry, keep bright rubber toys and balls which will entertain him in a bathtub.

5. Often children do not like to wash the head because shampoo, getting into eyes, pinches them and brings to the child discomfort. Buy only quality shampoo "without tears" which at hit in eyes is almost imperceptible to the kid, and does not cause irritation.

6. Also shampoo should not overdry hair and head skin of the child. Carefully wash away shampoo, watering the child's head with warm water, and then rub off the head a terry towel. Slightly dry hair of the child and comb them a soft brush with uniform ranks of the rounded-off teeth which does not injure head skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team