How to wear a belt for pregnant women

How to wear a belt for pregnant women

Today the set of devices for comfortable course of pregnancy is created. To reduce load of a back, to create feeling of security and also for prevention of extensions at terms of pregnancy of 24-28 weeks, to women appoint wearing the special supporting belt.

It is required to you

  • - bandage for pregnant women, a belt for pregnant women;
  • - bandage pants for pregnant women;
  • - belt scarf.


1. Find out whether the belt for pregnant women is so necessary for you. If you is sports the developed person with the trained muscles, then you should not carry a bandage. And if it is heavy to you to suffer from waist pains, you have an osteochondrosis or a curvature of a backbone, weak muscles of a stomach or any types of obstetric pathology, then wearing a belt for pregnant women will be for you really "lifesaver".

2. Choose a bandage for pregnant women of the corresponding size, previously having measured waist measurement at the level of a navel. Try on a bandage, having made sure of convenience of its carrying. The belt has to be wide that at a sock it was not twisted and did not create to you discomfort. If it easy and almost imperceptible under clothes, is made of the elastic and "breathing" fabric, without seams, and the special texture of fibers perfectly supports stomach muscles, then it just the fact that it is necessary for you.

3. Put on a belt for pregnant women underwear to protect themselves from its constant washing. Do it not in vertical position, and lying on a back when muscles of a stomach are not stretched. Some time quietly that the child moved from the lower part of a stomach above is recommended to lie down. Record a bandage for pregnant with a velcro to a comfortable state that not strongly pressed on a stomach and it was not too free. Turn over sideways and slowly get up.

4. The bandage pants for pregnant women with the sewed elastic tape unloads on a back and without squeezing supports a stomach. A stomach, increasing, stretches a tape. Such bandage is released also in the form of shorts. Also put on a bandage pants for pregnant women in a prone position. As the bandage pants is applied to pregnant women as linen, buy several such products on change.

5. Buy in shop for pregnant women a special belt scarf if it is already difficult to button your favourite jeans or a skirt. Elastic fabric of a belt scarf will suppress the fact that the clothes are undone, and will keep her from slipping from hips. The scarf tied on a waist will unload a backbone, performing, somewhat, function of a bandage. Sometimes use ordinary scarfs.

6. You can pick up a belt scarf in tone of the main clothes. Or, on the contrary, to allocate it with an independent element of your dress. To hide it from eyes under a blouse navypusk or to allocate with a bright spot of the bright drawing, an excited coloring, lacy finishing - everything depends on your preference. Some pregnant ladies buy several belts scarfs, as they say, for all occasions. By the way, they cost not much.

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