How to wish the child of the house Happy New Year

How to wish the child of the house Happy New Year

In the European countries children crossed for a long time that limit of cynicism which separates faith in Father Frost from life realities. Therefore they combine these concepts with pleasure. In our country the belief in a miracle becomes less so only parents can make New year for children the fairy tale which will remain in memory for many years. Also it is required for this purpose not so much.


1. Before wishing the child Happy New Year, create the corresponding situation in the apartment and maintain belief in a miracle. If the child hears in seven phrases that Father Frost does not exist then and to convince the kid of his presence will be difficult. Begin preparatory work even in the fall, telling the smallest that there will come the winter soon, there will be a holiday and gifts. It is possible to try to write the letter to Father Frost and to wait for the answer which close friends or relatives can send to mail. It is important that the handwriting in the letter was unfamiliar to the child, otherwise all intrigue will be lost at the beginning of the celebration.

2. Decorate the apartment, having put a fir-tree. Give the chance to the child to take part in its ornament. So he will be able to realize the participation in a holiday and will wait for it approach with great awe. At the same time it is desirable to create several toys the hands - not important whether there will be it a small lamp from paper or the tangerine suspended on a thread.

3. Aged from three to five it is possible to wish children Happy New Year by means of specially invited fairy tale characters. Parents need only to attend acquisition of a gift and a call of the corresponding workers. Similar focus will hardly pass in school age therefore you hurry to make a miracle with own hands when it is still possible.

4. An important role in all celebration is played by a gift. Parents learn about what the child wants to receive in advance and it is desirable not to postpone purchase of a necessary thing for the last before a holiday days. Otherwise it is possible to turn out in a situation that the desirable toy just will not be on sale. If there is an opportunity, place it not under a fir-tree, and having applied imagination. For example, small objects of type of hours or the cell phone can just be hung up on a fir-tree branch. So emotions concerning the mine of a gift will be brighter.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team