How to wish the girl happy birthday

How to wish the girl happy birthday

Children's birthday is the most cheerful and long-awaited holiday. It is necessary to think over in advance its organization that the child had only most joyful and pleasant memories of it. How it is original to congratulate the birthday girl?


1. It is possible to address to firm on the organization of children's holidays where will offer you at choice several scenarios of holding a party. Usually it is thematic actions with competitions and prizes. Girls very much love a story about princesses and fairies.

2. Day rozhdeniz on departure – it is healthy too! Rent children's cafe or organize the birthday girl's trip with friends to the amusement park. If the girl loves water, then visit of aquapark or a dolphinarium will become the best gift for birthday. It is possible to organize an excursion in a sea aquarium.

3. Houses too it is possible to celebrate cheerfully and interestingly a birthday. In advance decorate the room of the birthday girl with balls and color posters. Make the congratulatory poster, using photos of the child. Beautifully pack a gift into bright paper.

4. For the girl the congratulation in verses will become very pleasant. Now it is possible to order a unique author's congratulation which will be written especially for your child. However, you can think up congratulatory verses and, the main thing that they were sincere and cheerful.

5. Invite friends of the girl and organize a holiday with competitions and dances. It is possible all invited to dress up in simple suits if you decided day to make a birth thematic. Buy small prizes for all children invited to a holiday. Organize a children's photoshoot or shoot a cheerful video.

6. What holiday without treat? You should not cook difficult dishes: cheerful sandwiches, fruit salads and milkshakes will be pleasant to children more. Well and, of course, or specially order cake which you can bake by a holiday. Now do very unusual children's cakes with jewelry of mastic. If the birthday girl is fond of fairies or the fan of Barbie, then according to your desire cake will be decorated with these figures.

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