How to work with exceptional children

How to work with exceptional children

Exceptional children differ in the advancing informative development, sharpness of sensitivity and special physiological parameters. Only purposeful work of the teacher and parents can maintain their inquisitiveness and activity for a long time.


1. To distinguish whether your child is exceptional, quite simply. It is necessary to observe only carefully the kid and to see towards what specifically areas he is drawn. There are musical, art, social, mathematical, literary also other types of endowments. If you noticed tendencies to something for the kid, then safely send him to the center of the advancing development.

2. One of the main directions of work with exceptional children is problem training. Any task which he has to solve independently is provided to the child. Finding various ways of a solution, the child acquires material in a creative form. Also it contributes to the development of thinking and helps to learn to seize information search methods. During work the child uses the comparative analysis of a subject or phenomenon, looks for analogies, generalizes, synthesizes.

3. The following form work which is also quite often used by teachers is design activity. Applying this method, the child has to study through direct activity. He also independently puts a problem, looks for ways of its decision, draws conclusions and analyzes own work on the received result. It should be noted that projects can have any character. It can be drawing up a tree of family or a scientific experiment on fundamentals of physics.

4. Game technologies can also help with work with the exceptional child. Carrying out various competitive and game programs develops the child comprehensively. These programs include informative quizzes, tasks for sharpness, physical exercises, tasks of competitive spirit, etc.

5. If your child has endowments in musical or creative area, then extracurricular activities will become the best occupation for it. Exactly there children can show the identity and realize creative potential. Thematic weeks which are spent at school will help with it. For example, week of Shakespeare or week of journalism. The dramatized holidays will become an excellent form of extracurricular activities. Can be involved in them as those who are not afraid of public and like to prove to be, and those who are more inclined is aside. Someone will do suits, to select accessories, someone will script, others in general can create the musical orchestra which will accompany against the background of a prestavleniye.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team