How to work with orphan children

How to work with orphan children

Assistance to orphan children is one of the main areas of work of social policy of the state. Orphans make special category of children to whom special approach is necessary. One of important factors of successful work with such children is care and mutual understanding.


1. First of all, it is necessary to remember that the orphan child, as well as any other person, needs mutual understanding. It is possible that in your first meeting the child will behave unacceptably roughly. You should not pay attention to it, treat this fact tolerantly. To calm rage and a negative, it is necessary to ask couple of questions. They can be the following character: why you are rude what benefit you from it have why you are rude to me. In most cases the child begins to realize that you are located to him favourably. However to accept this thought, a large number of time can be required by him. Initially the child can avoid contacts with you as the sudden abundance of attention and understanding can frighten off him. At the same time, sooner or later the person realizes that in this manifestation of care there is nothing badly.

2. It is very important to understand what problems oppress the child. Orphan children are surrounded with very avaricious conditions of accommodation. All social circle of the child is not beyond orphanage and its inhabitants. It affects thinking, its relation to various things. To reveal any given problems, it is necessary to make heart-to-heart talk with the child. It can be reached only through comfortable psychological conditions. Retire with it to an office. It is important that the child understood that nobody can put in your ward.

3. Any asocial behavior from orphan children can come true as revenge to the world. If the child made any bad act, do not wait for accurate explanations from its party about that why he made it. Each unclear action from the child can be deciphered as a call for help. It is sometimes better that the child splashed out the emotions through negative behavior, but did not leave them in itself. If the child cannot be uttered, cannot share intimate, it will lead to a depression rather. It is worth remembering that the considerable share is made by cases of suicides of orphan children also. Each of such cases - result of the fact that the person was not heard and understood.

4. At a conversation with orphan children try to speak about their interests and hobbies as often as possible. Try to lift the child's self-assessment through a praise and encouragement. Show to the child that you appreciate him and respect that you are capable to support him at a difficult moment. Such approach will help to reach mutual understanding from two parties.

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