How to work with the lefthander

How to work with the lefthander

For a long time it is proved that the levorukost is not defect and not the evidence of backward development. Meanwhile, lefthanders still are considered as some special. Some say that it is ingenious people, others approve the return, including a levorukost by pathology. And all are wrong.


1. The Levorukost, actually, does not deserve such close attention to itself. However, as well as left-handed people. Here more likely the help is required to the parents and teachers aspiring what that would not begin to teach the child to write with the right hand to.

2. Many parents do it in order that the child was not distinguished from peers that schoolmates did not laugh at him. By the way, children seldom deride lefthanders therefore this argument is absolutely deprived of the bases. Difficulties at employment in the future too will not arise — the employer notes for himself completely different qualities. It is unlikely will confuse him that the ideal candidate for a position writes not with the right hand. Strangely enough, but similar alarms bring parents on consultation to the expert.

3. Advantage of the left hand before right is caused by work of a brain. Retraining the child lefthander parents and teachers risk to interfere with this current and to break it, to change functions. It is fraught with psychological failure.

4. Everything begins with the letter. Spelling lessons, in general, are difficult for the child. And if it is learned to write not that with a hand what is more convenient, then to it it is heavier three times as much. Already the fact that the child writes most worse in a class (and it is inevitable at reeducation) can become the inferiority complex reason. Difficulties discourage to study and, it is quite natural that stay in school will become penal servitude for the kid. Against the background of tension by the letter there can be a writing spasm. It is trembling of hands which often comes to an end with spasms.

5. Specially it is not necessary to work with the lefthander. Simply, in process of development of the child, parents need to watch what hand performs the leading function. It will be visible on games of the kid. Well and, of course, adults have to note features of temperament of the child. But it concerns all parents.

6. Left-handed children it is frequent more emotionally than others - it is the only thing that adults need to remember. Lefthanders can be restless, mobile and excessively excitable. Because of the feature they, sometimes, need a little more time for performance of tasks in kindergarten and school. But it only at the beginning. Therefore, working with the lefthander, it is necessary to consider it and not to hurry the child. Further the kid adapts and will not concede in anything to schoolmates. And somewhere — will overtake them.

7. Reeducation of the child lefthander can turn back undesirable consequences. First of all changes will happen in health of the child. It will interrupt a sleep, the appetite and, perhaps will be gone, the head will begin to hurt. If business takes a serious turn, then the child can have an enuresis, frequent spasms in a stomach will appear, there can be stutter and block. Many children have nightmares. Parents who would not like a levorukost should make a choice between health of the child and the prejudices.

8. In spite of the fact that our society in the majority right handed, it is not necessary to focus attention on it. The lefthander differs in nothing from others. And if yes, that only in the good party. The Levorukost — sign of creative nature. And many celebrities write with left hand.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team