How to write a comment on the tutor to kindergarten

How to write a comment on the tutor to kindergarten

The kindergarten teacher sometimes asks parents to write a review of its work. It usually is required if the teacher wants to undergo certification and to receive higher category. The opinion of parents can be important also for a competition of professional skill "The tutor of year" or for a review in which all kindergarten participates. In the latter case the manager or the methodologist can ask to write a review of work of the teacher under the concrete section of the program.

It is required to you

  • - these observations of the child and of life in group;
  • - computer with the text editor:
  • - sheet of paper;
  • - handle.


1. Observe the child. If he visits group for a long time, you already know a lot of things about how the situation is. Small children usually in everything copy adults. The tutor takes not the last place in life of the kid, and the child quite often undertakes his role in games. Organize such game, suggest the child to stay the tutor and look how he will behave. If he it is quiet, tenderly and cheerfully handles the toys - "children", safely take up the pen.

2. A response characteristic assumes more free form of presentation, than. It is not necessary to specify education and the general length of service of the teacher in this case. Under the word "response" write a surname, a name and the teacher's middle name, number or the name of group and number of kindergarten. Tell, what is the time the tutor works with your child.

3. Describe how the tutor treats children. Whether willingly your child goes to group? What does he tell you, having come home? Pay attention how tidy the kid comes from a garden. Tell how it is dressed on walk.

4. Write what your child learned during stay in group which is directed by this teacher whether new knowledge and interests appeared at the kid. Look narrowly whether often in group there are conflicts and as the teacher copes with them.

5. Tell about that, how often the tutor provides you information on the child. Whether he tells how to overcome difficulties whether willingly answers your questions to you about problems whether he gives advice? Whether you find information, necessary for yourself in a parental corner and in conversations with the teacher?

6. Write whether the teacher shows consideration for all children equally, whether is not present among children of what he treats worse. Have a talk with other parents. Ask them to tell what qualities of the tutor they consider the most positive. As a rule, at the good teacher is not present in group of favourites and derelicts. Besides, he equally freely makes contact with all parents.

7. Specify whether the situation in group is pleasant to you. Whether it is clean there whether temperature condition and the schedule of airing is observed? To ask instructions which have to be in any garden, not necessarily. But you also for certain paid attention and to in what children indoors go and whether open windows there in the morning and in the evening.

8. Tell about how the tutor works with family. Whether parents help to make out group, to fill up it with toys and grants whether are carried out in the "Open Days" group for parents, family holidays? Remember the most interesting of what you saw.

9. Note whether quietly you feel at work when your child is in a garden. Whether you are sure that with it everything is safe? Small injuries happen even where children are always busy and are never left without supervision. However if something happened — the child has to be helped in time and not hide incident from parents at all. If the tutor is not afraid of responsibility and always informs you of unpleasant cases with the child — surely mention it.

10. Write a response on the draft copy. If the opinion of group of parents is required — coordinate what you wrote with others. Perhaps, they will want to correct something or to add. A response does not belong to strict documentation in a form. It can be handwritten or typed into the computer. If you write it by hand, do it by readable and clear handwriting. Having printed the text on the computer, do not forget to specify date and a print name under the text. Sign the document by hand.

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