How to write a note from parents

How to write a note from parents

Your child missed one school day. You as to parents need to write a note to its justification to the class teacher with the indication of the concrete reason of absence of your child at school.


1. Take the sheet A4 and specify the following details of the addressee in the right top corner of a leaf: a position, the name and number of school, the city (village) where there is a school, a surname and the head's initials (To the director of comprehensive school No. 1 Velikiye Luki to E.I. Simakov.). Under details of the addressee write the surname and initials (from T.I. Petrova.).

2. Further specify document title in the center of the sheet (for example, "Statement"). Then tell what formed the basis of absence of your child at school. It is necessary to begin with words: "Due to …" or "My son Andrey Petrov was not present at classes on March 10, 2012 in connection with...". It is desirable to specify good reasons, such as feeling sick, departure from the city for family reasons, unforeseen visit of the stomatologist. You can also attach the documents confirming written by you in the statement, for example, tickets to other city or the reference from policlinic.

3. At the end of a note do not forget to date its drawing up and the personal signature with the subsequent interpretation.

4. Give a note to your child for transfer to the class teacher.

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