How to write characteristic on the child to parents

How to write characteristic on the child to parents

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At reception of the child you can ask to write characteristic on the kid to kindergarten or other institution. This document, as a rule, is created in any form and is designed to help tutors or teachers to find the correct approach to the child.


1. Enter the name and a surname of the child, date of birth. Here you can write how he is called by houses, this information can be useful to the tutor to find approach to the kid.

2. Describe how the child eats food: favourite and unloved products whether carefully chews food, whether well uses tableware, perhaps, he chokes or poperkhivatsya – to the tutor important to know everything.

3. If the kid has an allergy to any products or household chemicals – surely specify it in characteristic. Also the allergy can be on medicines, it is also necessary to know about it that who will be responsible for your child.

4. Further describe favourite games and classes of the kid: to what he shows interest and that causes difficulties as far as it is assidious and capable to training whether it is critical in assessment of results of performance of tasks, is independent or demands the help. Try to estimate whether the child can organize a game itself and what assigns itself a part at the same time whether the help of adults is necessary to it, whether likes to play with other children as solves conflict situations.

5. Characterize skills of self-service of the kid: whether he can put on and undress whether he buttons, whether he can independently eat. In addition specify in characteristic whether it has a desire to keep clothes in an order and purity.

6. Specify in characteristic whether the child can fall asleep in the afternoon independently or to it presence of the adult as he sleeps is necessary: it is quiet or disturbing.

7. Describe character of the kid: accurate or careless, closed or sociable, independent or loves when it is helped, restless or assidious, easily makes contact or not, finishes business or is in time at once everywhere, participates in all actions or prefers to keep aloof.

8. Add other information which seems to you important. Perhaps, it is addictions, education conditions, etc.

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