How to write down the child in a garden online

How to write down the child in a garden online

Now for young parents there is still relevant a turn problem in kindergartens. In this article one of the most convenient and modern ways of production of the child in turn in kindergarten is considered.

Skilled mothers hurry to sign up the child in preschool institution as soon as possible after the child's birth as happens that by the time of when the kid has to go to a garden, the turn on it did not approach yet. Signing up of the child in preschool educational institution is made from age of 2 months. To write down the child in a garden, it is necessary to have constant or temporary registration for territories of finding of a garden. However often happens that child there is nobody to leave in order that mom could come to department of education and write the corresponding application.

But progress does not stand still, and time dictates the rules. Today it is possible to put the child on an electronic queue in kindergarten, without leaving the house, having near at hand only the computer and Internet access. Moreover, also, online, further it will be possible and to monitor the movement of turn.

So, to sign up your child in kindergarten online, it is necessary to visit the website of state services. However it is necessary to find that website where electronic signing up in that kindergarten which is necessary to you is made.

It is possible to approach the solution of this problem as follows: to visit the official site of department of education of your city in the section of preschool education. There it is possible to find the reference to that website of electronic state services where it is possible to write down the child in a garden. On this website it is necessary to become authorized, i.e. to register. To choose necessary service, for example "signing up in kindergarten". The desirable preschool institution gets out of the list. Further you follow the instruction.

As a rule, it is necessary to enter the required information on the child, the applicant (the parent or the legal representative), additional information. It can be data on the available privileges, the needs for special group on indicators of health of the child, time of stay of the child in kindergarten. Also, perhaps, it is necessary to upload to the site the scanned copies of necessary documents, such as passport of the applicant and birth certificate of the child.

It should be noted that in different regions and in the different cities the features of rendering electronic state services. So, besides registration on the portal of state services, in department of education can demand to bring during certain time of the copy of necessary documents in paper option. Otherwise the request for placing in an electronic queue can be cancelled.

Indisputable advantage of this electronic service is that parents in any time, convenient for them, can trace the place of the child in an electronic queue, having just come into the private office on the website of state services.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team