How to write down the child in a kindergarten

How to write down the child in a kindergarten

In many cities the problem of the device of the child in children's municipal educational institution is particularly acute enough – there are not enough places. Therefore it is necessary to stand in line right after the child's birth that in 2-3 years he got to kindergarten.

It is required to you

  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - passports of parents;
  • - certificate of family composition.


1. You need to define to what garden the kid will go. You can choose establishment near the house or with the place of your work. If you are not sure that you will live or work in several years in the same place, then put the kid in turn in the next garden in your area. Parents pay much attention to quality of training and keeping of children in gardens therefore if you do not plan to move, then collect information on nearby gardens. You can observe how children walk, to go to an excursion, to talk over with tutors.

2. Collect all necessary documents – you need the birth certificate of the child, the passport of parents with a registration. Make copies of all documents – they will remain in department of education. For those families which have certain privileges (having many children, families of the military personnel, etc.) it is necessary to show the documents confirming it also. The list of the categories getting under preferential terms can be found in department of education or on the corresponding information websites.

3. Register in reception in advance, having called by phone or having specified to what time it is necessary to come to register the child. You will need to fill out the corresponding form or to write the application. Check that your documents were accepted, and issued you the reference confirming number of your turn and specifying time when it is necessary to be for obtaining the permit in kindergarten.

4. Write down the child in a garden, using electronic services. Visit the website of your regional department of education, fill the necessary forms, questionnaires and statements, wait for confirmation that your application is taken cognizance. After lists of children are created, you receive the electronic notice that the place is provided to the child, and you need to be in the head of establishment for paperwork. When time of the beginning of visit of a garden approaches, you issue the package of documents and get written admission to classes.

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