How to write down the child on the surname

How to write down the child on the surname

In our bureaucratized world even the tiniest person is obliged to have the document. The birth certificate becomes the first paper of the newborn, and the child officially receives a name and a surname. After the child's birth you have a month on registering the fact of its birth. In Russia, REGISTRY OFFICES are engaged in accounting of births therefore you need to find the department, nearest to your residence.

It is required to you

  • The passport, the marriage certficate (if is), the reference from maternity hospital.


1. Formally both parents have to be present at registration of the baby. If it is impossible, then absent (as a rule, it is mom at whom and there are so a lot of cares) writes the application of the established sample: "I, (a full name, passport data) trust the husband (full name, passport data) to register our general son (daughter) (date of birth). I ask to appropriate to the child a name and a surname". Then couple will be able independently to receive the birth certificate for the son or the daughter.

2. If parents do not consist in officially registered marriage, then contrary to popular belief the father does not need to adopt own child. Rather personal presence of the man who writes the application that he recognizes the son or the daughter. On the basis of the statement in the REGISTRY OFFICE together with the birth certificate to you will grant the acknowledgement of paternity.

3. If mom gave birth to the child one, then in the column "father" the crossed out section is put. In this case the woman has the right to give to the child any middle name what will wish. Her surname is appropriated to the child.

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