How to write fairy tales to children

How to write fairy tales to children

What is only not present presently to occupy attention of the child: animated films, books with pictures, video games, audio recordings with fairy tales … But what to do if your child asks you to think up the fairy tale especially for him? Of course, it is simpler to include to him a favourite cartoon and to leave to go about the own business. But it is simpler – not always better. Children need our attention, our proximity. Otherwise they will begin to prefer our society to heroes of animated films who will not begin to abuse for unlearned lessons and the scattered toys.


1. For a start remember what fairy tales and what heroes are pleasant to the child. If your daughter adores fairies and magicians, hardly the fairy tale about robots will be interesting to it. Let the main character bear in himself lines of the favourite hero of your kid, and at the same time something reminds the child, externally or on character. The hero can be a little more senior than the listener of the fairy tale, but let them be not divided by too big age difference. The child will watch adventures of such hero with great interest, empathizing it.

2. Be not overzealous when you think out negative characters: kind of your kid not of the beginnings are afraid of them seriously. However, if the child already has some concrete fear, let the fairy tale will help to defeat him.

3. You can be the basis for fantastic history some real problem of your child, for example, fear of darkness or dislike for cleaning. It is possible to invent a story about the little fairy who lost the magic wand because it in the room had a disorder, or about the owlet who was afraid of the dark.

4. Think up to the main hero of friends who will support him in a difficult situation. Let the hero will help them, showing that it is rather strong that will cope with the difficulties.

5. In process of approach of history to an outcome the problem of the main character has to be solved, joint efforts him and his friends. You should not rely too on magic or mechanisms of the future – let the hero will show courage, endurance, mind. Then the child will feel that a victory over his fears and failures in his hands even if he has no magic wand or a laser gun.

6. The villain has to be defeated, but it is not necessary to think out to him awful death: better let to him there will be something, doing it ridiculous and not so dangerous. Let the child will laugh at the fear. The negative character can also come over to the side of heroes, will change to the best, having rethought the behavior. It will help the child to avoid excess aggression in the ideas of methods of the solution of vital problems.

7. If the child liked to listen to your story, and to you – to compose it, be ready that shortly will ask continuation for you. Throw a plot in free time: it will help you to distract from daily problems. Many children's books were born thanks to the fact that the author only decided to write down at a leisure the fairy tale written for the children … Perhaps and your heroes have a chance to lodge under a book cover?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team