How to write the application for receiving a child allowance

How to write the application for receiving a child allowance

Now in connection with demographic crisis the Russian government pursues active policy on increase in birth rate. Various grants also enter it. Received by parents of minor children. However for receiving similar payments it is necessary to fill in correctly the corresponding papers, for example, the application form for receiving a grant. How to make it?

It is required to you

  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - certificate from work of one of parents.


1. Specify information on whether you have the right for receiving a grant. For example, parents newbornof child which already received the birth certificate in body of civil registration (REGISTRY OFFICE) have the right for a lump sum. Since the birth of the child there have to pass no more than six months. Also there is a child allowance paid at a time to adoptive parents, at the same time the age of the child is not important. For receiving a monthly allowance on child care the child should not be more than one and a half years old.

2. Prepare necessary documents. For a lump sum prepare, except the birth certificate of the child, the certificate from work of the second parent that he did not receive benefits. If the second parent does not work, can provide the service record with record about dismissal or the reference from educational institution where he is trained.

3. For receiving a lump sum and a child care allowance write the application to the organization where mother works. If she at the moment is not engaged in work, on the statement has to be addressed to the place of work of the father. The statement can be both is handwritten, and printed on the computer.

4. Specify in the top part of the statement the name of the organization, the official. to which you address the address - the director of the enterprise and also your surname, a name and a middle name. Further write heading "Application". Specify in the text what type of a grant you want that to you appointed. Date drawing up the document, your surname and initials and also the signature below. Also write down in item entitled "Application" the list of the provided documents - the birth certificate of the child and the certificate from work of the second parent.

5. In case you write the application granting child allowances more senior one and a half years, you have to address the statement to department of social protection of the population of your city or area. Its name has to be specified in the top part of the statement.

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