How to write the autobiography of the child

How to write the autobiography of the child

The story about that time when the child of does not remember yet, can be issued differently. Someone collects a collection of the things relating to the birth. Others do extensive photo albums. Some mummies keep a diary. And it is possible to combine all these efforts to create the present biography of the kid.

It is required to you

  • Album, handle, glue, camera, video camera, computer, Internet, programs PowerPoint, Windows Movie Maker (or any analog).


1. Fix all achievements of the child every month. Circle his palm and a foot. Photograph in the most characteristic situation for its age. The newborn it can have a moment at a mother's breast, for three-months - attempts to hold a head. Record as the kid began to creep, take the first steps. Remove on a photo, and the most dynamic moments - on video. Imprint all sounds which the baby learns to publish - from "aga" and "babble-babble" to the first words.

2. Conduct parallel to record or the diary. Entrust paper the story about how the child sleeps that loves and does not like to eat. As it played today what mischief arranged. Especially carefully fix the most important points when the little person mastered new skills. Do not forget to rewrite in the diary the weight and growth which was measured in policlinic at the last visit of the pediatrician.

3. Issue a special album where photos and the pasted contours of palms and a foot will alternate with records from the diary. Such album will consider more interestingly when the child grows up. And records, as a rule, need some editing. Transferring them to an album, reject uninviting events.

4. Begin to have own blog to create the digital biography of the child. Register in "LiveJournal" or on any other website which gives such opportunity. Make entries, add photos and video topics. Choose the brightest events or the most remembered incidents. Let this biography will be interesting also to those readers who do not treat your family circle.

5. Create the presentation in the PowerPoint program, there reflect all major stages of development of the child. It is good to do such work by first, second or third anniversary. In the presentation it is possible to use both records, and photos, and by means of numerical data on growth and weight to construct charts or schedules.

6. Prepare a roller in Windows Movie Maker. For it the photos made at different stages are necessary. Break them prompts with designation of age. Impose suitable music on video. The guests who were going to congratulate the young birthday boy can show such movie.

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