How to write the children's project

How to write the children's project

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Today more and more people understand what it without own contribution and participation in society life will manage to be changed little. In this regard the projects aimed at the development of civil society gain ground. But, as we know, it is necessary to begin education of society with early age. Therefore the increasing attention is paid to children's projects.


1. The project is a set of the ideas, thoughts and actions of several people directed to advantage of target group. An indispensable condition for design activity is joint informative, creative or game activity children which has the common goals directed to achievement of the general result. In any project, including nurseries, the purposes, tasks assuming the stage-by-stage plannings, actions realized within the project, and expected results have to be described.

2. For a start you have to define a problem. For this purpose it is necessary to explore the sphere interesting you, to involve in this work of experts (psychologists, logopedists, tutors). The organizations dealing with problems of children most often already know about that circle of people which it will be possible to address. Besides, there are many people ready on a voluntary basis to help you not only with collection of information, but also with realization of design actions. At this stage you have to as it is possible to describe more widely a problem that your words drew attention of people around. Search of the people ready to help children both with the financial plan, and in respect of granting human resources, often depends on that, how in detail you described a problem and ways of its decision.

3. The second stage includes writing of the project. - Definition of the purpose is a fundamental position. Its writing has to be capacious and include the main positions of your design activity. - Writing of tasks is the stage-by-stage planning presented in the form of points. For the correct writing it is necessary to understand in what sequence you will carry out the project. - Logical continuation is the description of actions. Actions have to be picked up carefully at consultation of teachers. The sequence of your actions, coherence of work and responsibility of adults – all this the key moments which need to be considered that also you, and little participants of the project derived as much as possible pleasure and the joy of communication. Wide dissemination of children's projects disclosed to the world a set of young talents. Little artists, actors, poets presented a huge number of the works. Many of children, once visited a seminar, any more never forget about the warm, confidential, friendly atmosphere and new ways of knowledge. Projects - very popular method of work interesting by the novelty to not only children, but also teachers as the huge capacity of this direction of work is inexhaustible. Thanks to the Internet the design activity covers increasing number of child care facilities.

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