How to write the letter to Father Frost with the child

How to write the letter to Father Frost with the child

Childlike faith in a miracle – guarantee of future optimism, therefore a task of parents to foster this belief as long as possible. Of course, growing, the child learns that real miracles meet not every day and get not just like that, and Father Frost does not exist … But it is still possible to start a good tradition – on the eve of New year to write letters to Father Frost.


1. To write the letter with the child to Father Frost will not take a lot of time and work, but will present a holiday anticipation, will teach the child to elements of difficult art of drawing up letters, it will be useful as for psychological, and emotional development of the child.

2. It is necessary to begin with considering of content of the letter. It will not be polite "to sound" a request for a gift at once. First, it is necessary to greet Father Frost, to be presented most, shortly to tell about itself, about the achievements in the expiring year and acts of which you are proud. And already then to start requests for a gift and execution of the Dream. In the conclusion it is necessary to say goodbye and in advance to thank Father.

3. Now, when the text of the letter is made, it is possible to start the embodiment of a plan. To write the letter with the child to Father Frost, to support belief in a miracle and to impart aspiration to fine, parents can buy or draw in advance (to print out) the beautiful form. If the kid is able to write – let writes. Let long, "clumsily", with the creeping-away lines, but what pride and the importance he tests at this moment as he tries! At the end it is possible to draw gifts which the child wishes to receive and also to enclose a small hand-made article or the drawing for the Grandfather.

4. For sending the letter it is possible to use several options. If the child is more senior, then let itself will enclose the ready letter in an envelope, will paste brands, will seal (to parents not to forget to look at the text not to be mistaken with a gift) and will carry on mail. Where there lives an addressee, know even the smallest – in the city of Velikiy Ustyug which is in the Vologda region (zip code 162390). Other option is to put the letter under a New Year tree, and to find in the morning the answer (not to forget to write to parents) and a desired gift. It is possible to hand the letter to Father Frost personally at a meeting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team