How to write the program for the camp

How to write the program for the camp

Children can have the most contradictory memories of the children's camp - from negative to unforgettable. One of key roles in achievement of positive perception of similar rest is played by competently made program.


1. Choose the main subject for your program. It will help you to decide on attributes, leisure, sporting events, registration. For example, turn change into "the tribe of Indians" or "team of the piracy ship". Establish hierarchy, create the corresponding elements of a suit together with children, think up a slogan, develop games and other entertaining directions. Continuous stay in a game will carry away children and will present the brightest memoirs for many years.

2. Develop an estimated system both for groups, and for each child. It can be multi-colored tags or badges which you will give following the results of day. Thereby you will be able to support competitive spirit and motivation in collective. At the end of a season or change sum up the final results and provide more essential gifts.

3. Pick up a range of actions which will be aimed at the development and strengthening of health of children. Try to balance the number of the games directed to competitive spirit with entertainments in a free form where children will be able to show the creative abilities. Try to make so that actions smoothly flowed from one in another.

4. Make a day regimen into which elements of your program would fit. In a total form can pass even lunches in the dining room or obligatory constructions and musters. At the same time key elements of the mode have to be planned in accurately fixed time. Take away certain hours when children can be engaged, than want.

5. State the program in writing. List all necessary methodical recommendations, the purposes and tasks, ways of implementation of your program. Provide it for acquaintance to other personnel involved in educational process. Cast and make accurate recommendations about execution.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team