How to write the summary on the child

How to write the summary on the child

The summary becomes more popular, and today this document is asked to provide not only applicants to a certain position, but also parents of kids. For example, before receipt in school, on additional courses or for various casting. It will be simple to write the summary to own child if to comply with necessary paragraphs in his contents.


1. Begin the summary with the simplest, but its necessary elements. Enter the name and a surname, date of birth, the number of full years. Write the residential address. In children's summaries it is recommended to enter data on one of parents (surname, a name, a middle name and any contact phone number).

2. Describe a preparatory stage before school or other educational institution. It is worth specifying in this point what you trained the child in whether he is able to read, write. Write all skills which were received by your child before receipt in this institution, it will help you by consideration of the application.

3. Tell about talents of the kid. Define to what your child has tendencies, and enter this information in the corresponding paragraph of the summary. For example, he well dances or sings, is interested in literature, does sports.

4. Mark out the main qualities of the child. Here it is worth entering only those from them which can positively affect opinion of the reading summaries. For example, specify attentiveness, commitment, not conflictness and sociability, active interest in the world around and other. But if summaries for an educational institution, the rule change. In this case specify those characteristics which influence training process: abilities to storing, assiduity, rate of activity, effectiveness of work and so on. Be honest and open, try not to hide important details.

5. For the résumé in school or kindergarten you will need to write the major data on the state of health of your child. How often he is ill whether he has chronic diseases, whether it is inclined to colds and so on.

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