How without serious consequences to tear off the language which froze to a swing

How without serious consequences to tear off the language which froze to a swing

The child is more curious, the more it is required to him attention. He aims to stick the nose everywhere to learn something brand new, and sometimes no parents' councils affect it. On the contrary, what is forbidden becomes still zamanchivy.

In the childhood many tried to lick something iron on a frost: shovel, door lock. Likely, most often all this swing. Feelings from such feat are unforgettable – language immediately sticks to the surface of iron. It is impossible to tear off it, slightly you will try – sparks from eyes, and from language blood flows.

How to help the child who stuck to iron language

Children grow and become parents. And already appear in such situation when the beloved child on walk concerns language of the door handle or a swing in the frosty afternoon. It is possible to be exempted from iron only by means of language "otdiraniye", it is frequent – together with skin.

Such wound, fortunately, seldom is deep, but needs urgent washing. At first it is necessary to wash it with warm boiled water, then – hydrogen peroxide. Effect of peroxide will help to remove the dirt which got inside and will a little dry a wound. If bleeding small, it stops. At more extensive wound the haemo static sponge can help, also the sterile bandage put several times will approach – it is pressed properly to the damaged place and held until bleeding completely stops. In more hard cases it is necessary to show the child to the doctor. But, as a rule, such need almost never arises.

How to avoid severe wounds

If parents did not manage to convince the child not to check for taste of a piece of iron on the street, alas, it is necessary only to watch it. Let's say the child after all licked iron kachel and stuck to it. Several attempts will be enough for him to understand, how painfully to tear off language independently. Parents in such situation can help to avoid too deep wounds. The stuck place can be watered with warm water carefully. But this council is useful to not everyone – hardly someone takes on walk a teapot with hot water. So it will turn out to make only in case trouble happened in the yard of your house and warm water in continuous access. It is possible to arrive and so: show to the child how carefully to breathe through the mouth on the stuck place. Warm air gradually warms a piece of iron and language it is possible to remove, but to do it it is necessary very accurately, millimeter behind millimeter. Be very attentive to children during walks. Do not regret time and tell about touch consequences to metal objects on a frost. In each yard is though something from constructions for children who are made of metal – it can be both hills, and a swing, and ladders. It is better to tell about it to the child in time, than then to tear off the stuck language from a swing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team