Hyperactivity at the child

Hyperactivity at the child

Now many parents face a question of hyperactivity of children. The hyperactive child is a noisy, irritable, constantly being in the movement child. To it interestingly literally everything, but is very difficult to concentrate the attention on something concrete.

Causes of hyperactivity

There is no uniform reason of hyperactivity of the child. It is influenced by several factors.

1.   Presence at mother during pregnancy of certain infections, smoking, the use of drugs or alcohol, presence of diseases, incompatibility on a Rhesus factor and another.

2.   Strict education of the child and the frequent family conflicts can provoke emergence of hyperactivity.

3.   For 80% the hyperactivity of the child depends on genetic factors.

How the hyperactivity at the child is shown?

It is quite simple to recognize her. If the child does not sit seconds in place, all the time runs, jumps, all the time fingers something, breaks, somewhere climbs, then it means that the child has a hyperactivity.

Most often the hyperactivity is shown when the child is capricious much and cries, cannot quietly sit, does not stop for a long time on concrete things.

How to struggle with hyperactivity?

Psychologists do not recommend to suppress hyperactivity strongly. Energy of the child surely has to leave, but not collect. However, if every day the child becomes more and more uneasy, then it needs to be shown to the neuropathologist and the psychologist.

The complex help helps with fight against hyperactivity. Here medicamentous intervention together with events which will be held by the psychologist is necessary. The main treatment is to put energy of the child on the right track. It is important to observe a strict daily routine, to play more in the fresh air.

Hyperactive children do not show much interest in a concrete kind of activity. However, as a rule, active children love exercises more therefore it would be advisable to send such child to sports section. It is very difficult to communicate with hyperactive children. For them unacceptably strict education. Even small achievements of such child have to be encouraged. It is impossible to overload the child too.

The hyperactivity is not a disease, but it will not pass. Therefore parents have to have patience.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team