Hypoallergenic cosmetics for children

Hypoallergenic cosmetics for children

The child's skin, and especially the baby, is several times more sensitive, than at adults. Therefore, choosing means for care for it, it is necessary to give preference only to the checked brands and to attentively read information on packing.

Why behind skin of the child special leaving is necessary? The fact is that small children have no protective lipidic layer which holds moisture inside. As a result – skin of babies often dries. Also gentle sensitive skin of the child is more subject to negative impact of the environment (exhaust gases, ultraviolet, etc.).

What cosmetics is necessary for the child

It is necessary to wash away the kid special children's soap. It is more convenient if it liquid consistence in a bottle with the batcher. At the same time it is quite good if in a stock there are couple of pieces of usual solid soap. It can be useful for a zastiryvaniye of linen or washing.

One-two times a week need to be arranged to the child bathing procedures. For washing of a body and the head it is possible to use gel for bathing, children's shampoo. When the child becomes more adult, to him in joy will bathe with special bath foam.

Small children spend in diapers much time. For prevention of an intertrigo it is necessary to use cream or powders. Oil and body lotion will prevent peeling and dryness of skin. It is possible to make the whole ritual: to begin and finish day with the light stroking massage with use of these means. In cold season, protective cream which is used for a face and hands can be useful. It will protect skin from reddenings and chapping. For adult girls there are whole cosmetic sets including nail varnishes, toilet water, lip balms.

How to choose cosmetics

The main criterion when choosing children's cosmetics – its hypoallergenicity. Means for children should not contain the processed oil products: vaseline, paraffin, wax. These substances create a film on skin and do not allow it to breathe. Presence of fragrances, preservatives and dyes has to be minimized. And here the content of such oils as olive, peach, sunflower, camomile, etc. will do children's skin good. Natural vegetable oils do not cause allergies and have useful properties. Often include extracts and extracts of plants in composition of hypoallergenic cosmetics (turns, camomiles, calendulas, an aloe, etc.), they perfectly are suitable for sensitive skin. To buy quality hypoallergenic cosmetics for the child, address only to children's shops, supermarkets and pharmacies. Cosmetics in the market can be a fake. Attentively read structure and information on packing, do not trust advertizing. Give preference to well-known companies which exist many years. Having bought means, test it on an elbow bend of the child or observe week children's skin at everyday use of cosmetics.

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