If left with the baby on hands

If left with the baby on hands

In life there are different situations. If suddenly you had to appear alone with the baby: asked to look after hour or so - another friends, or you remained one with the child on hands, without having any concept how the baby to cope with it, first of all keep calm! Care for the baby not such difficult occupation as can seem in the beginning.

Children, especially small, especially sharply feel an emotional background of the adult. Be adjusted on a positive harmony, postpone all problems and experiences in a distant corner of the mind. On the first place there has to be a baby now! The first what it is necessary to face: feeding.

As it is correct to feed the baby

Who such baby and how to feed him? The baby is a human child aged from the birth about one year. Also it generally eats milk. Maternal or artificial. If you with the baby were left to sit friends and relatives, they had to leave as well small bottles with milk. Mom usually decants the milk in a small bottle. If the child on artificial feeding, parents had to specify where mix lies and as to prepare it. If nobody to you specified anything, anything terrible! Mix can be bought in the nearest pharmacy, having consulted with the pharmacist about age of the child. Now existence and a variety of children's mixes for food pleases: Nutrilon, Nan, Nutrilak, Agusha and other. Producers of some mixes claim that their mixes to taste and contents differ in nothing from breast milk! Let's take them a word, and we will buy mix, being guided by age of the child and presence of contraindications at it (if you know about those). If you are afraid to leave the child of one, ask the friends and acquaintances to run to pharmacy.

The small bottle for mix before feeding needs to be sterilized. Make sure that on a small bottle there is a marking with high degree of endurance of temperatures! The small bottle can or be boiled in a saucepan with water of 10-15 minutes, or to place in a sterilizer for small bottles if that is available. When the baby began to worry, zamorshchitsya and began to move lips (type to smack the lips), means it is time to feed! Dissolve mix according to the instruction specified on a box with mix. Watch that ready drink was optimum temperature! To check temperature of ready mix, drip a droplet on an elbow bend. Mix have to be warm, but is not hotter. Starting feeding, choose convenient location for yourself. It is possible to feed of course the child standing, but it is better to sit down after all in a chair, having leaned an elbow of that hand with which you hold the child, on an armrest. Having sated, the baby himself will release a pacifier from a small bottle from a mouth. You should not push mix again violently, it is better to feed still later. After feeding surely it is necessary to put the kid in vertical position to himself on a shoulder, previously having laid a clean napkin or a towel there and supporting the child's head. It is necessary that the baby srygnut excess residues of mix or milk. And here, the kid is fed. Further it is necessary to look his behavior. If he sluggish and is capricious a little, means wants to sleep.

As it is correct to lull the baby

First of all, whenever possible eliminate extraneous noises. It is possible to turn on quiet instrumental music like Mozart or Kenny G. Remember some lullabies of a song and quietly sing them. It is possible to take the child on hands and to shake slightly here and there, and it is possible to put in a cradle or a carriage and to swing it. It as to you will be convenient. Some children fall asleep when they are ironed slightly a thumb on eyebrows from a nose to a temple (in that case when the child already closed eyes, otherwise he can be frightened, especially if you not the family member, but the acquaintance). Stroke on a back and on a tummy, sentence tender words - children love caress, the more the better! You watch that the child was not strongly zapelenovan or it is dressed. Rocking to sleep, weaken diapers, take off excess clothes. To the baby it has to be comfortable to sleep. After the child fell asleep, it is possible to doze and most/most. Or to redo the affairs. Happens so that the child does not want to sleep, and very clearly points to desire to play: smiles, gasps hands, fingers legs.

What to play with the baby?

Kids love games in Ku-ku. When you hide the face in palms, then open, smile and say: ""Ku-ku!"". Also bright toys rattles can draw attention of the baby. And zhevalka for teeth which are called zuboprorezyvatel. Toys have to be clean! Therefore if the toy fell to a floor, hurry up to wash up it with children's soap and it is good to rinse. Use as a touch game: went Koz (two fingers) or turn massage into a game. It is possible to tell the kid the fairy tale, using make-shifts: same toys, drawings. Best of all kids at this age perceive verses - remember the favourite rhyme written by the children's writer Agniya Bartho and sound it to the child. But most important condition: you have to be ready for a game and fun, otherwise nothing will turn out. And the most important question which should be considered at care for the baby:

How it is correct to replace a diaper?

If the kid is fed and still shouts and screws up the face, it is time to check contents of his diaper. Perhaps he is stout. To replace a diaper, it will be necessary for you: a diaper waterproof coat (or any diaper), children's wet towel wipes, a sack for garbage and a baby powder. Ideally, if you put the kid on a changing table. But if there is no table, it is possible to change a diaper on a usual adult bed or even in a bed of the child (the last option is not absolutely convenient as walls of a bed will disturb). Wash up hands, spread a diaper under the baby, accurately take off a diaper and throw out it in in advance prepared sack for garbage. Rub off buttocks and the child's crotch wet towel wipes (it is possible of course and to wash under the crane, but if you are not able yet and you are afraid to hold the child with one hand, you should not risk). The girl it is worth rubbing off in the direction from a pubis to back pass to avoidance of hit of an infection. You do not hurry to put on at once a new diaper, let skin of the child ""will a little breathe"" several minutes. These minutes communicate to the kid or do massage of a tummy, a leg porazminayta. Then slightly powder with powder of a buttock and only then put on a new diaper. Everything, the child is fresh and again is ready for sleeping or to wakefulness! Looking after the baby, you remember that it is small, but nevertheless the Personality. Consider its interests and desires, planning joint leisure! Also do not forget to have at yourself phones of parents and all who can help you with leaving. Suddenly they will agree to brighten up your privacy with the kid the presence. You alone will undoubtedly cope, but the help superfluous never happens. Raise healthy and clever kids!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team