If the child does not drink liquid

Children of any age have to use in enough liquid, whether it be water, juice, compotes. Enough water in an organism of the child solve such problems as a lock, loss of moisture when overheating, during a disease with the increased temperature and so forth. If the child does not drink liquid, then it can threaten with dehydration that is very hazardous to health.

It is required to you

  • - formochkt for ice
  • - glasses for production of ice cream
  • - tubules
  • - set of tanks of a different form and volumes
  • - matches
  • - children's cooler


1. Pour juice, compote or just water in molds for ice. It is desirable that the form of small pieces of ice turned out interesting, perhaps it will be small fishes or other amusing figures. If ice in itself does not interest the child, then suggest it to play a cat who got hungry and eats with pleasure fish. Also use special forms for ice cream, the frozen juice on a stick will turn out. Such way will approach only if the child is healthy and you are not afraid to chill to it a throat.

2. To give to drink the child water, offer him different tanks: big and small circles, glasses, small bottles. During the day change tanks to retain interest. Often children begin to drink liquid only because process becomes fascinating.

3. If the child does not drink liquid, but loves role-playing games, give him a tubule and suggest to play a bumblebee or a butterfly who of such long nose drink nectar. Liquid can be poured in the same molds for ice or just to pour in a mug, a saucer.

4. One more way to give to drink the child water - to play with it in firemen. Light matches, and the child will extinguish fire, having kept silent and starting up streams in a match. So a part of water will be swallowed, and the kid will be satisfied with a game.

5. Buy a children's cooler. It does not take a lot of place and is often made in the form of the bright animated hero. The child independently can pour water at any time. It is possible that process, the thought-up legend about a small animal in the form of whom the cooler is made it will be pleasant to the child and motivate it on more frequent drink.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team