If the child was lost

If the child was lost

If it happened so that your child was lost, do not panic at all and do not spend all the time for search and for expectation. Remember that in most cases children are live therefore gather and act.

Priority actions

For a start write down that time when you realized that the kid disappeared. If it occurred at home, carefully check furniture, beds, the attic, the basement, rooms and household appliances. After check of the apartment interview neighbors and friends of the child and call all who could be aware of location of the kid.

If later on the expiration of hour to find the kid it did not turn out, prepare the application to the police. If you have an individual card of the kid, find it and supplement with information on appearance, signs of the child and his clothes. It is also important to find the latest photo of the child.

After that go and submit the application. If at you it is not accepted, but know that this violation of the law. Services are obliged to accept and process such statement, and they are obliged to register it from any citizen. If after all refused to you, address the higher administration and demand that the statement was processed and registered at you. Write down number of the statement and also a surname of the employee accepting the document. 

What to do next

If the child has a mobile phone issued on you, request the printout of the last calls from the mobile operator. It is also desirable to call volunteers and to involve as much as possible people in search. Use media and the Internet.

Actions depending on the place of loss of the child

If your child disappeared in transport, then he, most likely, did not leave at the stop or missed each other with you. Report about the child to persons on duty of the station, subway or automobile station and go to the following stop – quite perhaps that the child there.

If the child was lost in the park, contact police or the local Ministry of Emergency Situations and before arrival of services try to perform inspection of the area and reference points to help services searching.

If the child was lost in the public place (center, stadium, hypermarket) address to security service. It is also necessary to ask service of informing on that they on a public address system transferred the message about an event.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team