If the offensive nickname clung

If the offensive nickname clung

The offensive nickname which clung to the child at school or a garden can become causal categorical unwillingness to visit children's collective. It is impossible to ignore this problem, otherwise in the future you will face a large number of fears and complexes at your child.


1. Do not interfere with the conflict, but empathize the child. Intervention of the adult in the children's conflict, most likely, will result in opposite result – your kid will begin to be teased also with "informer", "mother's darling", etc. And such qualities among children are extremely unpopular. And that it is even more dangerous, your child can cease to share the problems and experiences. In straight talk tell that you understand its feelings. If it is possible, give an example from own school life or from the childhood of the famous person. Besides, explain to the child that self-sufficient and clever peers do not spend time and forces on that to offend someone and to call, i.e. offenders have complexes and problems.

2. Try to eliminate occasions in which tease your child. If it is possible, it should be made before there is a problem with nicknames. Your child wears glasses – buy only fashionable and stylish models of this accessory, it is teased because of weight – help the child to lose weight, write down it in sports section which will help to improve a figure and to develop muscles. Objectively estimate the child: can it tease with "swot" or "upstart" because of arrogance to less successful pupils? Help the son or the daughter to develop the abilities – the athlete, best in a class, or the chess player will hardly be teased.

3. Teach to ignore the child of the teasing children. Explain that teasers – quite everyday school occurrence and if he does not react to nicknames, offenders will soon lose to it interest. Small children can be taught a phrase "Who it is called – that so is called". More adult child can react to teasers laughter or irony: "This your house nickname?", "Well you are a humorist! Think up something else!", "I am a cockroach? And you are bug earth-boring dung beetle! I thought that we play a new game". Answers the offender that they sounded surely, can rehearse houses.

4. Work over increase in a self-assessment of the kid: he is not a "red-freckled", but happy owner of rare hair color who is loved by the sun, not "thick", but strong. Never compare the child to children, more successful in study, you praise him for improvement of own results. Talk to the child as equals, give him the chance to make decisions – it will lift him in own eyes. You say to the kid more often that you love him. The children confident in love of the relatives, usually are the most socially successful in children's collective.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team